Sunday, October 27, 2013

This past week has been pretty calm around the badlands.

On Thursday my husband, Matthew, and I went grocery shopping. It seems like it would be a normal outing, however, we don't have a car so we take public. We like to shop at Aldi and there are two near us. The only problem is getting to them. One is right of the el, Elevated Train, stop near another ghetto of Philly and the other one is past our house the other direction by bus. So we went to the one right off of the el because it is faster and more convenient.  This Aldi is near the projects to put it bluntly. We stick out even more than in our neighborhood.

So on the train ride there we were jammed in the aisle between the seats and a little boy was sitting in front of us. All of a sudden a man started to pet the kid's head. I looked at them a little strangely, but I guess they were father and son. Then the boy got up and stood by his father. I said he could stay if he wanted, but he said I could sit there so I said thank you and I did. .

Now my husband is standing and I am sitting, keep in mind that I can still see the boy and his father. As I glanced at them I noticed one of the fathers nails, it was pointed in the middle. I thought how odd that he would have his nail like that and I kept reasoning why. I decided that he bit it off or ripped it off and it didn't go all the way. Then I saw all of them, they were are filed to a sharp point in the middle. Naturally I was a little freaked out. My conclusion changed from a ripped nail to fighting nails. Yikes, wouldn't want to mess with that.

We proceeded with our Aldi trip, we were all checked out and we were packing up. The security guard (most stores in our area have guards) was eyeing us up and down. I don't think he was used to seeing anyone like us.

The next evening Matt and I hung out in Center City. On our way home after we got off the el two guys were sitting on a door step. They started to yell, "Dope, powder, dope, powder." We politely told them no thank you and continued walking. Then one of the guys gets up and says, "Well what about Rocks? We have that too."
I thought it was clear that if we reject dope and powder that we wouldn't want rocks either.. I guess I must be the crazy one and not thinking straight...

Like I said, a really uneventful week. I did want to do my nails though. Maybe I will try my new friends style.. pointed. Just kidding.

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